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Code of Business Conduct (COBC) Hotline

We offer a COBC Hotline that is managed by an independent, third-party vendor.  They provide secure, confidential telephone and web-based reporting system 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Interpreters are available. Calls and web submissions are free, confidential, and may be made anonymously.

To Report Misconduct or Submit a Question/Concern:

  • Go Online: speakup.gapinc----.com
  • Call toll-free: 1-866-427-2633

    (Callers from the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico can dial direct. For callers outside of North America, to avoid any charges make sure to dial your country’s AT&T Direct Access code first. If you do not know your country code, you can find it at speakup.gapinc.com)

If you experience difficulty reaching the COBC Hotline, please email Global_Integrity@gap.com.

Individuals reporting violations or suspected violations of Gap Inc.'s Code of Business Conduct are protected from retaliation by strict enforcement of the company’s zero tolerance for retaliation.